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Is your business optimised for R&D tax credits?

The good news is there are several tax and grant incentives issued by the government that a UK based business can take advantage of. The bad news is that typical lead times for credit disbursements are can be several months.

Factortech can fund your business today while you wait for HMRC funds.

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If you are a UK registered limited or privately owned business you only need to meet one of the following criteria to apply:

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Do you still have questions?

Do you still have questions?

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"We were super happy to welcome Factortech to our investors as part of our Seed funding round. They have been supporting our business across the board with their network of experts and senior leaders from the games industry. We work closely with them on many levels including leadership, hiring, strategic partnerships, funding and much more. Since the Seed funding round our team size has more than doubled, we have closed partnerships with many of the top brands in esports and sports, and are now launching our product."

Christoph Ortlepp

Co-founder & COO of Virtex

“We were first introduced to FactorTech when we were in the R&D phase of development at Zapinamo. At first the cost of capital seemed expensive, but as we were rapidly scaling and all other forms of capital avoiding equity dilution were inaccessible, FactorTech through their tailored venture debt funding solutions, enabled us to bridge the gap. Fast forwarding 12 months, we continue to grow rapidly with FactorTech’s help, we are in profit and increasing shareholder value with the prospect of floating in 2021. I would highly recommend the FactorTech team because they fully understand the challenges and complexity of being a scaler of businesses in today’s environment and have themselves held the position of ultimate accountability”.

Ian Stillie

Founder and CEO

"We were first introduced to FactorTech through Sheridans – a leading media and technology law firm, when we were seeking advanced funding on future Video Games Tax Relief (VGTR) tax receipts. At Maze Theory, we believe in pushing and redrawing the boundaries of player imagination and bringing to life immersive entertainment experiences that will engage and blow the senses. FactorTech emulate our style of working, the team spend time understanding our needs, they flex their solutions to match our immediate needs, and they move fast. We are progressing towards year 2 of our journey together and would highly recommend FactorTech to any growing business seeking innovative debt finance solutions."

Ian Hambleton

Founder and CEO

"TVR has a great British heritage from its humble beginnings as Trevcar Motors to the production of legendary cars such as the Cerbera or Tuscan. We first met the team at FactorTech when we were seeking HMRC tax credits in the R&D phase of development. As part of TVR’s development and test programme, the new demonstrator prototype Griffith has now been registered for road use. At the outset FactorTech invested time and energy in understanding our plans to build an iconic brand. They delivered over and above expectations and helped us conserve hard won equity. We continue to work with FactorTech on tailored debt solutions some 18 months down the track as we progress to manufacture."

Jhon Chasey

Co-Founder and COO

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Got questions?

How much funding can I receive?

We typically offer funding from £250,000 up to £2,000,000 although we can offer more or less depending on circumstances

How does the process work?

The funding process with FactorTech can be broken down step by step as follows:


The first step is to submit your application form via our site

Just click on the ‘Apply now’ button. This form will only take you seconds to complete.


Provided you meet our basic criteria, a Factortech team member will reach out to set up a call.

to set up a call within 24 hours of submitting your application.


We will request some materials for further assessment:

documentation relating to government tax credits or funding, cashflow history and projections (12 months actuals & forecast), any signed client contracts, an accountant comfort letter etc.


Review and offer confirmation.

Once we have received your materials we are able to process your application quickly and come to a decision. We strive to complete the process and for funds to land in your account within 2 weeks.

How quickly can I get funded?

Part of this will depend on how quickly we can obtain materials from you. In general, for first time candidates, the turnaround time from first discussion through to offer is 2-3 weeks. For repeat candidates it can be as fast as 1 week.

What type of funding does Factortech offer?

Factortech is uniquely positioned to offer non-dilutive finance in the form of business loans. In some cases, we are also able to offer a convertible loan into equity, so you get the best of both types of financing. We seek to focus on your needs first and foremost.

How is FactorTech different from other funding options?

Compared to SME lenders, Factortech can offer simple and quick funding in the form of credit, while also offering access to industry expertise and a deep network to help you grow your business. Our interest rates are highly competitive under exceptionally flexible terms. We can deploy funds quickly and charge no set up or exit penalty fees. In some cases, we uniquely offer a funding structure in the form of a convertible loan note to equity. This means that you are not necessarily limited by a rigid financing model but rather you can choose what is best suited to your business.

Do I need to factor in any costs when applying for funding?

For our credit programme, you will need to factor in an accountant’s comfort letter and legal fees. These are minor, and typically range from £2,000-£3,000. If we provide your company with funding we will deduct these costs from the loan value, making it risk free for you to apply.

What interest rate does Factortech offer?

There is no one-size fits all, and each application is considered independently. Our interest rate starts from as low as 1.5% per month. The rate is established based on a number of factors including assessed risk, loan value and tenure.

What is VGTR and how can I claim it?

Video Game Tax Relief (VGTR) is a tax relief scheme specifically for creative industry and funded by the UK government. VGTR gives UK game studios and developers a tax rebate worth up to 20% against the costs they incur on the design, production, and testing of a new video game.

What are R&D tax credits and how can I claim them?

R&D relief allows companies that carry out qualifying R&D related to their trade to claim an extra Corporate Tax deduction for certain qualifying expenditure.

How can I apply for UK small business grants?

Government grants are available in all kinds of forms – from reduced costs and free equipment, to cash awards to help your new business grow. Generally, government grants come in the form of a direct grant.

Does Factortech fund businesses in any sector?

We are sector agnostic, although we have a strong track record in lending to businesses in biotech, fintech, climate tech, video games and media tech sectors across Europe.

I need help with my financial accounts - can you help?

Yes! If you apply for funding with Factortech we would review your accounts and provide support if you need it. We also have a trusted network of accountants and grant writers we can refer you to who can help in more depth.